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Taejay has worked in variety of advertising agencies in Bangkok, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dubai, Seoul & Barcelona. During his tenure, Taejay conducted an orchestra with animals, made people to taste a cracker with ears, turned Thai gamers into Leo Messi, gifted extra arms to England‘s Joe Hart, crafted an art series with kitchen appliances, built a hoverboard VR race at the Formula 1 Monaco GP, & survived through working with the zombie actor from K-Cinema and notorious K-Pop celebs

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Marketing Partnership


Creative Silver is an NYC video production studio. Our images come with a dash of the raw human experience that we achieve through commercial and lifestyle aesthetics. Our cinematic image beautifies ordinary moments to boldly connect consumers with brands on an everlasting level. We are the silver mirror of humanity rather than its gilded mirage.

Your interests. Your Ideas. Our Shared Experiences.

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Manufacturing & Services

Here to help you accomplish your dream

Design & Sampling

Share with us your design sketches or ideas, we will try our best to understand the design.

Material sourcing

If you have swatches or images please send us to the China office, our sourcing team will find them for you.


Small or Big please do not hesitate. we will do our best! to save the cost with high-quality products.

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