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We are

Joah Limited

Here to help you accomplish your dream

and create with the best around the world

We are a fashion company that provides resources to both emerging and established companies that are needed to manage and grow their businesses. Our fashion outsourcing service is done with you, making it easy to stay in control throughout the entire journey with security, efficiency and results. Our goal is to help you achieve your goal and grow together.

We specialize in design & sample development, material sourcing, production, incubator consulting & investment, and marketing. Using our global resources and network, we will walk with you in every step from start to end to create your dream product.


Bag Design

Fashion Company


Alex, CEO of Joah Limited, has over a decade of experience in bag manufacturing industry. With support of company with over 10 years of knowledge in the industry, Alex started Joah to revolutionize the current production industry. Joah promises to be a trustworthy partner in your journey to make your dream design come to life by offering affordable pricing and easy to use platform.

To reach out to Joah Limited, please use the contact page.


We offer various services to make your dreams come true.

Please contact us to receive more information.

· Design&Sample development

· Material Sourcing

· Production

· Consulting

· Marketing


The team at Joah Limited has a global network of production partners specializing in every aspect of the manufacturing process. All of our partners have deep trustworthy connections with Joah and we go through thorough checking of the manufacturers before we introduce them to you, so that you won't have to worry.

We will continue expansion of our production partnership to offer the most up-to-date production skills and various partnership opportunities.

Buying power

Our production partners are individualy known for their expertise in specialized productions. We will help you find better materials than any other competitors and work together to lower your spend.


With over a decade of relationship, we can help you find trustworthy factories that will not only provide high quality materials and leadtime, minimizing your risk in production needs.


We are transparent in our relationship with our clients and work to find the best solution for you. 


Oversea production is not an easy process. Productions are always bound to bump into issues and hardships. The most important factor when these mishaps happen is trust. We at Joah Limited will always do our best to ensure trust and transparency in our production process and hope to grow together.

To learn more about our production services, please visit our services page. 

As a leader in production agency, we promise to be a one-stop-shop for all of your manufacturing needs. Our team at Joah will continuously research the trend to be the partner of your dream.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help your brand come to life.

Ahead of

the Trend

Head Office

Our head office is located in Korea and be main point of contact.

China Office

Our China office will have direct contacts with our production partners in China.



We have our production factories in Cambodia and production partners.



Our partners in USA and Spain will support our clients in Europe and North America.


We have multiple production partners in China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc.


Our global presence allows access to manufacturers direct and fast. With global connections we will be able to take care of any needs any time.

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